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Erika Wood is an artist and writer. Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, she lived in Santiago, Chile, in Ohio, and in Nevada and at her parents various households in Austria, Indiana, California and Maryland before finding some locational stability in boarding school and college near Philadelphia. Erika attended NYU's Creative Writing program and has worked as a fake ice cube maker, a sculptor of fake elephants, a fake editor of poetry at a Bridal magazine, a fact checker, an animator, a non-profit arts organization director, an office temp, a fake commercial actress, a gallerina, a children's book writer's assistant, a web designer, a moose scat jewelry manufacturer, a product designer, a maker of novelty drawer pulls, a fake movie reviewer for a science fiction network, a product namer, and a real mother of two. She lives with her two children in the Hudson River Valley, where she is celebrating her record of more than a dozen years in ONE PLACE.

Her novel The Colorman, was published by Tatra Press.


"In this elegiac and brutally honest debut work, a young artist, Rain Morton, attempts to make her mark in Manhattan's art world despite both the advantages and the weight of influence around her: her art critic husband, her art dealer step-mother and her father, a renowned author. But just as Rain begins to make her own professional ascent, a string of setbacks and betrayals send her down a path of self-discovery--both personal and as a painter. On the way, she disentangles her intricate family history. At the fringes of Rain's tumult is the mysterious Colorman, James Morrow of Highland Morrow paint manufactory, whose ancient and arcane paint-making techniques--and hermetic existence--help Rain elucidate her increasingly confused world. Morrow slowly becomes an imprtant ballast to her struggles."

"As art and life blur together in a narrative as gripping as it is poignant, The Colorman emerges as a deeply moving and evocative exploration of love and loss, creativity and identity. Erika Wood has written a striking novel."

--Donald McRae, The Guardian

"The Colorman is a sumptuous ode to color, woven through an ardent art scene romp."

--Marilynn Gelfman Karp, author of In Flagrante Collecto

"The Colorman plunges you into a world of deep colors, rich emotions, and profound insights. Like the paints created by the title charactr, Erika Wood's debut novel is a distinctive work of alchemy--a product at once mysteriouis and transformative."

--Stephen Ives, documentary film director The West, Seabuiscuit, New Orleans




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